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Potomac Maple

In this seven thousand square foot Maple Home, eight bedrooms resemble an upscale living of a posh community of the Potomac neighborhood. Potomac Maple is a luxury home with exquisite decor, arts, and carpets collection in a very comfortable accommodation of private or semi-private rooms. Our Residents can enjoy an aura of wood burning from a fireplace of a living room filled with a collection of all types of books and magazines.  A fine collection of art and carpets in the Grand-Ball room with full compliments of amenities and supportive services create events of a lifetime and enjoyable memories. Our Maple Home combines elegance, comfort of home, and personalized attention.

A formal dinning room overlooks seven acres of green lush lawn. All residents find deliciously home cooked meals personalized to their palates each night and every day. All rooms are tailored to provide the maximum amount of sunlight and are spacious. The distinctive style of Maple Home separates the bedrooms from the living rooms. Thus, the space between the living room, kitchen, the Grand-Ball room, and the entrance is far enough that when you are relaxing in a bedroom or taking an afternoon nap you will not be bothered by the noise of the kitchen, staff, residents, or the television. In the afternoons or under the twilight, one can enjoy patio a cup of tea on the patio.   Wildlife, such as, deer, raccoons, and birds stroll the lawns in the beautiful months of summer, spring, and fall. If outdoor adventures are not of interest, one can enjoy a movie on our large screen or play Wii. Promoting well being and maximizing independence is a core value instilled in this home design.